M-PLAS 2011
M-PLAS 2011
> 9-12 November 2011 / Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Date:Nov 9-12,2011
Venue: Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre
Booth: Z33

The fifth M-PLAS Exhibition, will be held from Nov 9-12,2011,in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. As the point of convergence for key industry players in the plastics and rubber industries, M-PLAS 2011 is the ideal platform for updates on the latest industry news, innovations and developments. This 4-day exhibition will bring together leading international manufacturers and suppliers.

Scantech will attend the exhibition with our partner, Scantech Solutions, and our booth location is no. Z33 .Visitors to our booth will be able to see a demonstration gauge, as well as photos and display screen images.

Customers and OEMs are welcome to M-PLAS and we look forward to seeing you at the show. Your feedback and suggestions are kindly appreciated.

> 29 August - 3 September / Bangkok, Thailand

Date: Aug 31 to Sep 3, 2011
Venue: International Trade and Exhibition Center,Bangkok, Thailand
Booth number: NO. T-G01

SCANTECH attended the TIPREX 2011 exhibition with our partner, SCANTECH Solutions. During TIPREX, SCANTECH achieved a significant step by selling it's first exhibition demo gauge in the company's history. This achievement means a lot to SCANTECH, and it will encourage us to continue developing and moving forward.

Although Typrex is still a relatively small exhibition, SCANTECH believes that it will become much more significant in the future due to the growth potential of the Thailand plastic market. During this year's exhibition Scantech met some important customers and had a very close cooperation with our OEMs.

METEC 2011
METEC 2011
> 28 June – 2 July 2011 / Dusseldorf, Germany

SCANTECH participated in the METEC 2011 trade fair in Dusseldorf, Germany from 28 June through 2 July 2011. METEC focused on technology companies, mill builders, and providers of goods and services for the metals industry. The primary concerns of the global steel industry are to produce a consistent product with fewer resources, obtain optimal production and offer more user benefits.

SCANTECH’s booth showcased our new x-ray thickness gauge for steel and aluminum. Visitors to our booth were able to see a model of the gauge as well as various photos and display screen images.

We discussed thickness gauging opportunities and the state of the metals industry with many customer contacts and mill builders (OEMs) from all over the world.

METEC 2011 was a very successful trade fair. It will be held once again in 2014 in Dusseldorf.

METEC 2011 METEC 2011 METEC 2011 METEC 2011 METEC 2011

Chinaplas 2011
Chinaplas 2011
> 17-20 May, 2011 / Guangzhou, China

Scantech attended the Chinaplas 2011 Fair that was held in Guangzhou from May 17-20 and displayed four (4) demonstration gauges. Two (2) were located in Scantech's booth including for the first time in China, a model HF1-3500 designed for biax lines and the other two (2) were at OEM's booths. Specifically, one (1) 4 meter gauge with an APC cabinet was located at one of China's main die supplier's booth. It demonstrated to all visitors that Scantech is the primary gauge company that they work with.

Many of our current and potential customers from China and other countries visited our booth to discuss detailed gauge features and specifications. Scantech signed several contracts during the exhibition, which is quite rare, and in particular gauges for biax film line contracts. Many Chinese and foreigner customers showed interest in selecting Scantech gauges for their upcoming projects.

Chinaplas 2011 was one of the most successful exhibitions which Scantech has ever attended and it enabled Scantech to further build the brand by meeting more companies and OEMs. In addition, many customers complimented the good design and high quality of Scantech's booth. Scantech sends many thanks to our customers, suppliers, and supporters for their constant encouragement and continued support. With their assistance, Scantech will continue to improve and grow.

The next Chinaplas Fair will be held in Shanghai during April 15 -17, 2012.

Chinaplas 2011 Chinaplas 2011 Chinaplas 2011 Chinaplas 2011 Chinaplas 2011

Office Enlargement
Office Enlargement
> 29 April / Guangzhou, China

Object:Guangzhou Office Enlargement
Date:April 29,2011

At the end of April 2011, two (2) Scantech Guangzhou departments moved into new offices that allow better communication amongst colleagues, and thereby results in improved customer service.