CIBF 2012
CIBF 2012
> June 20-22 2012 / Shenzhen, China

Date: Jun 20 to Jun 22, 2012
Venue: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center, Shenzhen, China
Booth No.:9B182,183

The 10th CIBF (China International Battery Fair), one of the largest battery fair in the world, was held in Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center from Jun 20 to Jun 22, 2012.

SCANTECH, as the first time, took part in the show with one gauge and a display screen. Although there were not many people coming to the show but we still met some potential customers. Meanwhile, we had a very good discussion with customers, they emphasized what they concerned about on their daily production, and some of them even brought their production for testing and asked for the following up.

In the show, we got the chance to meet many customers from battery area, and it brought us more acknowledge as well as more challenge to us, which would help us to improve.

In a word, CIBF 2012 is a good and successful show for SCANTECH.

Chinaplas 2012
Chinaplas 2012
> April 18-21 2012 / Shanghai, China

Date: Apr 18 to Apr 21,2012
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Centre in Pudong, Shanghai
Booth No. :W1L01

Chinaplas 2012 was held in Shanghai from Apr 18 to Apr 21.Scantech attended it with 2 demo gauges at the booth,HF1-3500 and the new production,ULO-1000,and one APC cabinet.

All customers to our booth could see the HF1-3500 and the APC, and some customers were able to see our latest production, ULO-1000. We discussed with many of our current and potential customers from domestic and aboard about on-line measurement and our production. Customers showed their interest in our production and some customers, from China and other countries asked for the follow-up after Chinaplas.

Many of the customers gave us a high commendation for the good design and high quality of the booth. Many thanks to our customers,suppliers and supporters for supporting all the time. We will continue growing up with all this support.

The next Chinaplas will come back to Guangzhou and be held from May 20 to May 23,2013.

Indoplas 2012
Indoplas 2012
> April 11-14 2012 / Jakarta, Indonesia

Date: Apr 11-Apr 14,2012
Venue: Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Indonesia
Booth Number: Y11

SCANTECH South East Asia Sdn Bhd attended the 8th Indonesian International Plastics Exhibition (INDOPLAS) from April 11 to April 14, 2012 in Jakarta International Expo in Indonesia.

INDOPLAS is a specialized exhibition for the plastic materials processing, plastic machinery components and raw material sectors in Indonesia. Accompanying the growth of Indonesia’s plastics and rubber industries, INDPLAS is widely recognized as one of Indonesia’s most prominent exhibition.

In the show, although the first 2 days were a little bit slow and out of expectation, the last 2 days were good and we manage to get some good potential customers. We had a good conversation and discussion with customers and it helped us to get known the local market.

Overall, the INDOPLAS 2012 is good for us.

NPE 2012
NPE 2012
> April 1-5 2012 / Orlando USA

Date: April 1-5,2012
Venue: Orange County Convention Center • Orlando, Florida USA
Booth No.: 7777

The NPE is held in the USA every three (3) years. After being held in Chicago, Illinois for 40 years, this year it was held in Orlando, Florida for the first time.

The easy to remember booth no. 7777 was SCANTECH Americas' at NPE. The number is considered a lucky one in the USA so we felt fortunate and optimistic for the future. The design of the booth was excellent for the available space and it served the needs of the SCANTECH attendees and customers well.

The quantity and quality of customer visits to the SCANTECH booth was very strong and encouraging to see. Many customers had specific applications and projects to discuss, while others came looking for SCANTECH because they were referred by others or because they were interested in changing scanner suppliers.

Overall, this year's NPE was better than the last one in 2009, which was held just after the USA's economic downturn. The number of visitors, booth space, and machinery increased significantly. For SCANTECH Americas, the improvement was dramatically better than the last NPE and was a good confirmation of our expected future market growth.

PlastIndia 2012
PlastIndia 2012
> February 1-6 2012 / New Delhi, India

Date: Feb 1-6,2012
Venue: Pragati Maidan,New Delhi, India
Booth Number: 11 A20/11 B19

From February 1 to 6,2012,the 8th PlastIndia took place in Pragati Maidan,New Delhi,India. Scantech(Booth No.11 A20/11 B19) participated in the conference with a demo gauge and one APC, keeping the hope to show customers and OEMs the SCANTECH’s advanced technology.

The 8th PlastIndia mainly concerns about the potential of India’s plastics market, which is set to be the 3rd largest consumer of plastics in the world.

We were happy to discuss with customers coming to our booth on the trend of India plastics market in PlastIndia, and also thanks to all supporters for this show.